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Better meetings are just a click away

Notiv is the AI-driven Notetaker that empowers your team before, during and after each meeting by capturing conversations and automatically generating decisions & tasks.

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Current meeting process eating into your team’s productivity and morale?

Too many business meetings

No need for clarification discussions or repeat sessions for different team members. Notiv captures everything the first time.

Gaps in meeting

Couldn’t get to a meeting? No problem! With Notiv, you’ll have all the information you need, including the context for crucial decisions.

Difficulty in managing remote teams

Notiv is your remote collaboration tool that captures all your business conversations and provides clarity on day-to-day work.

Stress of meeting tight deadlines

Get on top of the key points quicker and deliver your projects on time with the executive meeting summary prepared by Notiv.

Don’t just take it from us

Companies should provide and train their employees to use Notiv and be more efficient with their time and focus on good communication.

COO @ MotherhoodApp
Knowing that Notiv is busily recording and transcribing the full detail of all my meetings interviews, showcases and presentations, means I only need to type the most minimal of notes as bookmarks.
Christian Vandersee
Service Designer and Product Manager
Your service is amazing. I've been wanting a solution like this to help me manage/auto-record and transcribe meetings for some time. I hope you guys do great, I really like it.
Jason Flick
VP @ Starburst Data

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Features driving workplace success

Custom vocabulary

Notiv can capture even your team's specific terminology and TLAs, making sure the transcript reflects exactly what was said.

Workflow integration

Notiv allows you to use your time efficiently and coordinate projects better. We integrate with conference tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet as well as workflow applications Slack, and Asana too!

Transcript search

Pinpoint sections, action items, and keywords across any of your transcripts. With Notiv’s global search, you can quickly find exactly what you need.

Intuitive meeting assistance

After automatically recording meeting minutes, Notiv highlights action items and allows you to review and edit important moments.

Top-flight security

Access your meeting agenda, meeting notes and executive summaries safely from any device. All information is encrypted and we even have private-cloud options for those who need it.

Exceptional support

Get the help you need fast! Send an email or live chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.


Notiv Plans

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$0user / month

Best for students

5 hours of transcription (per month)
30 minutes of transcription (per meeting)
Web Conference Recording
Record with iOS & Android apps
Chat integrations
Live transcription
AI-generated agenda, topics, notes, and action items


$19user / month

Best for individuals and
small teams

20 hours of transcription (per month)
2 hours of transcription (per meeting)
Web Conference Recording
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet conference recording
Record with iOS & Android apps
Chat integrations
Live transcription
AI-generated agenda, topics, notes, and action items
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$39user / month

Best for bigger teams and

40 hours of transcription (per month)
4 hours of transcription (per meeting)
Professionals Features, plus...
Phone call recording
Speaker identification with voice profiles
Custom vocabulary
User roles & admin
Early Access to new features
Prioritized Support
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