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Better team meetings are just a click away

Unlock efficiency while never missing a detail

An intelligent transcription application that never misses a word, Notiv highlights the important moments, leaving you free to focus on facilitating a smoother and more focused exchange of ideas, as well as a quicker distribution of minutes and tasks when the team meeting is done.

Want a better way to do team meetings?

Manual minute processes

Manual minute taking, including listening back to recordings and formatting for distribution can turn a 1.5 hour meeting into 6+ hours worth of work. Notiv’s meeting transcriptions drastically reduce the time needed to present professional and concise minutes.

Tight deadline for meeting deliverables

Handle back to back meetings while getting out all the needed documentation to team members and clients. Share agendas, essential details and permissioned post-meeting documentation at the click of a mouse.

Key moments or action items missed

Effective virtual meetings require thorough planning, flexibility and focus in the moment. This makes note taking even harder. Notiv leaves you to concentrate on meeting coordination while faithfully transcribing every word.

Coordination woes

Remote working makes coordinating good meetings more difficult. Set automatic pre-meeting reminders and grow your Notiv team to allow direct review and editing access to meeting transcripts within the app.

Let us show you how to Meet Better™ in team meetings

Loved by 5,000+ users around the world

Our users are the life blood of our organization, and some of our users even believe Notiv is part of theirs.
Companies should provide and train their employees to use Notiv and be more efficient with their time and focus on good communication.
Founder @ Motherhood App
Knowing that Notiv is busily recording and transcribing the full detail of all my meetings interviews, showcases and presentations, means I only need to type the most minimal of notes as bookmarks.
Service Designer and Product Manager
Your service is amazing. I've been wanting a solution like this to help me manage/auto-record and transcribe meetings for some time. I hope you guys do great, I really like it.
Jason Flick
VP @ Starburst Data

Benefits for the entire meeting process

Clear and responsive UI

Notiv’s app is built for easy engagement. Search through transcripts, manage access and track meeting action items with ease.

Daily digest

Direct to your inbox, Notiv sends you a digest of all of the important moments from recent meetings, including the ones you missed. Rather than manually taking minutes of a meeting, you can focus on better servicing clients.

Action item recognition

As well as recording your online meeting, Notiv’s smart AI also highlights action items, allowing you to identify what matters quicker, and distribute the tasks related to them with greater efficiency across your organization.

Easily shareable transcripts and items

Auto transcribe and share the full transcript, the executive summary, or simply a snippet with ease. Through receiving just targeted and relevant information, managers, co-workers and clients can more easily identify and act on a task.

Speaker identification

Once you’ve attached a name to a speaker, Notiv builds up a voice profile that creates more efficient meetings, through greater context to discussions and the ability to follow up with the proper people post-meeting.

Connect to your favorite apps

Transcribe online with Notiv and connect to your company’s preferred apps. Asana, Monday, Trello and Jira Cloud are all integrated, with further partnerships happening all the time!


Yes! In the Notiv app you can create custom channels for sharing and collaborating on meeting transcripts. Use your team members’ emails to add them to your channel, and once they sign up to Notiv, they’ll have your permission to access the transcripts. See how to add people on this page.



$0user / month

Best for students

5 hours of transcription
(per month)
30 minutes of transcription
(per meeting)
Web Conference Recording
Record with iOS & Android apps
Chat integrations
Live transcription
AI-generated agenda, topics, notes, and action items


$19user / month

Best for individuals and small teams

20 hours of transcription
(per month)
2 hours of transcription
(per meeting)
Web Conference Recording
Record with iOS & Android apps
Chat integrations
Live transcription
AI-generated agenda, topics, notes, and action items
Get Notiv Professional
Free for 2 weeks


$39user / month

Best for bigger teams

40 hours of transcription
(per month)
4 hours of transcription
(per meeting)
Professional Features, plus...
Phone call recording
Speaker identification with voice profiles
Custom vocabulary
User roles & admin
Early Access to new features
Prioritized Support
Get Notiv Enterprise
Free for 2 weeks

More focus, smarter actions & tasks.

Notiv slides into meetings by recording, transcribing and creating Intelligent actions & tasks with your favourite tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and many more.
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams