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Everything Your Team Needs to Meet Better

Record, review and collaborate — Notiv makes meetings more efficient.


Notiv automatically syncs with your Google or Office calendar to join and record your scheduled meetings no matter where your meetings are held.

Search, Summarize & Share

Notiv keeps you on track by allowing you to search the transcript, summarize decisions & actions, and sharing with the meeting attendees to collaborate after the meeting.


Notiv transcribes of all your meetings (even in real-time!) so you can refer back to what was said without needing to pickup a pen ever again.

AI-created Actions & Tasks

Notiv's AI-driven technology creates actions and tasks automatically for all attendees with speaker ID. Notiv will always keep you on track.

Meeting Preparation

A successful meeting starts before everyone turns up. Notiv helps you arrive with clear goals in mind, primed with relevant context from previous meetings.

Meeting Focus

A successful meeting requires focused engagement and collaboration from all attendees, so put down your pen, immerse yourself in the conversation, and let Notiv capture what’s important.

Meeting Review

Share meeting outcomes to create alignment. Search and find important moments across all your meetings whenever you need them.

More focus, smarter actions & tasks.

Notiv slides into meetings by recording, transcribing and creating Intelligent actions & tasks with your favourite tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and many more.
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