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We're on a mission to convert conversations into meaningful outcomes with AI.

Our team is made up of members with layered expertise in digital signal processing, speech-to-text, natural language processing, product design and customer success. Together we have built a meeting solution that improves conversations and allows you to more effectively share information with others.

Meet the Notiv team


Chris Raethke

Co-founder & CEO

Our fearless leader, Chris, is driven by a passion for improving meetings. He has years of experience delivering growth and customer satisfaction in SaaS companies.


Jaco Du Plessis

AI Lead

Jaco has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of Notiv. As AI Lead, his knowledge and expertise continues to shape the intelligence behind Notiv.


Dr Iain McCowan

Co-founder & CTO

Decades of experience in audio, speech and language technology, from research to product development, now leading an engineering team with a global outlook.


Zack Corr

Experience Lead

Zack is passionate about creating products that customers love to use. As Experience Lead, he applies that mindset to the software we build at Notiv.


Bronte Jacobs

Customer Success Specialist

Bronte leads our customer success and is excited to help revolutionize meetings, and the way humans interact


Richard Tasker

Head of Product

Richard is the driving force behind Notiv delivering an amazing experience to our customers. He coordinates product development, growth and customer success, ensuring Notiv is a truly product-led company.


Andrew Cupper

Platform Lead

Andrew has 20 years of software engineering experience in a diverse range of organizations. He has a keen interest in applying technology to help people have better meetings.


Brendan Russell

Product Engineer

Brendan is a part-time Software Engineer at Notiv completing a Mechatronics degree at QUT. When not at University or Work he enjoys his time playing PC games with friends or reading books at home.


Tarryn Thiele

Ops Manager

Helping to drive operational effectiveness and team cohesiveness, Tarryn stems from a career in professional services, and most recently running an innovation hub.


Andrew Gallagher

Platform/Experience Engineer

With his broad experience coding for the internet, Andrew helps to keep Notiv running. When not coding he's usually found with a hammer and chisel in either hand.