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Share & Collaborate on Slack

Instantly share meeting highlights within #channels with your team

Work with Notiv’s extensive functionality and organize the moments that matter in Slack!

Connecting with Slack is a breeze

In just 3 simple steps, your Notiv recording, transcript or key
moment will be available in Slack and ready to use.

Integrate Notiv
with Slack

In the Notiv app, go to Team Settings and under Integrations you will find the Install button under Slack.

Share your meeting

Take any auto-recording, meeting transcript or highlighted Action, Decision or Note from the Notiv app and click share — it will be made instantly available on the Slack channel of your choosing.

Interact with Notiv
through Slack

Notes in Slack, such as audio and transcript snippets come with a handy link back to Notiv, so you and members of your team can go directly to the full meeting or relevant section for further context and the assignment of tasks.


Review Notiv meeting notes and discuss next steps in Slack channels to stay focused and productive.

Client satisfaction is our goal

Through intuitive design, easy-to-use features and
speech customization, we’ve garnered grateful clients
from around the world.

Companies should provide and train their employees to use Notiv and be more efficient with their time and focus on good communication.

COO @ MotherhoodApp
Knowing that Notiv is busily recording and transcribing the full detail of all my meetings interviews, showcases and presentations, means I only need to type the most minimal of notes as bookmarks.
Christian Vandersee
Service Designer and Product Manager
Your service is amazing. I've been wanting a solution like this to help me manage/auto-record and transcribe meetings for some time. I hope you guys do great, I really like it.
Jason Flick
VP @ Starburst Data

See Notiv’s versatility for yourself.
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Notiv — an all-in-one meeting tool

You can share your meeting agendas and minutes directly
with team members on Slack, but what else can Notiv do
to make your workplace more efficient?

Integration with a host of video conferencing tools

Notiv is integrated with, among others, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Meet, and Skype for Business, with plenty more coming soon!

Capture, select and

Forget endless scrolling of meeting notes, we help you reach, organize and act on important meeting moments with speed, ease and accuracy.

Video conferences, face-to-face meetings and phone calls all supported

No matter the meeting format, you can set up Notiv to capture and transcribe your discussion in just a few clicks.