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Notiv vs Otter

Looking for a transcription tool? We've got something better

Notiv is the AI assistant that automatically extracts key meeting moments, from face-to-face interactions to virtual meetings and even telephone calls.

Unlock advanced features
with the Notiv meeting solution

Phone call recording

AI-generated agenda, topics and notes

Action item recognition

Workflow optimization

Voice triggers

Connected to your favorite apps

Sign up and connect your calendar — the Notiv™ Notetaker will join a calendar event with a conferencing link automatically, so you don't need to toggle it on.

After the call, Notiv sends a link to the transcription, with automatic meeting highlights directly to your inbox.

Review your past meetings at any time to gain better context.

Easily select, add and edit all the key details from your transcript into the meeting notes. You decide what gets captured and how!

Notiv meeting

Notiv’s smart AI recognizes action items, decisions, or follow-up points, allowing you to identify what matters quickly.

Furthermore, Notiv integrates with all your go-to tools, so you can get more done without the hassle.

“Otter needs work on its workflow integration with other tools. Although it does integrate with Zoom, the workflow is kind of weird.”


G2 Crowd review

An innovative meeting companion — Notiv sends you a daily digest of all the key points from yesterday's meetings, even from the ones you missed.

Don’t just take it from us

Companies should provide and train their employees to use Notiv and be more efficient with their time and focus on good communication.

COO @ MotherhoodApp
Knowing that Notiv is busily recording and transcribing the full detail of all my meetings interviews, showcases and presentations, means I only need to type the most minimal of notes as bookmarks.
Christian Vandersee
Service Designer and Product Manager
Your service is amazing. I've been wanting a solution like this to help me manage/auto-record and transcribe meetings for some time. I hope you guys do great, I really like it.
Jason Flick
VP @ Starburst Data

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Notiv uses industry-leading transcription to constantly learn through voice profiles and gets better at transcribing slang, abbreviations, and accents.

“Otter is not perfect. People with accents and people that sound alike don't always register correctly on the transcript.”

You will love Notiv’s easy-to-use intuitive interface. Import and export audio and video files in minutes with ease.

“Not ready to hand Otter any cash or recommendations just yet . . . I tried to upload a Zoom MP4 video twice (which took over an hour each time) and I just kept getting an "error" message at the end.”