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Reach More with Your Team & Notiv

Notiv records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings while you have productive conversations
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Is Notiv right for my team?

Notiv will keep your team on track with action items and summaries of meetings, ensuring they never miss or forget a detail from a conversation.


You don’t have to be present at every meeting. Simply listen to the recording or read through the transcript to catch up on what happened during a call.

Saves Time and Money

Your team gets paid for the results they bring, not the notes they write. Save them valuable time by having Notiv take meeting notes for them.

Travel through Time

Don’t remember what was said in a meeting a month ago? No worries! Just look through the notes and get caught up in minutes!

Quality Assurance

Miscommunication is a thing of the past! Never be unsure of what was said again, by simply looking through the meeting transcript!

Actionable Tasks

Notiv provides a to-do list of actions based on the conversation, so your team members know exactly what’s expected of them.

Laser Focus

It is stressful to participate, listen and take notes all at the same time. Save your team the hassle by letting them focus on the conversation instead.

1. Record

Notiv automatically syncs with your Google or Office calendar to join and record your scheduled meetings no matter where your meetings are held.

2. Transcribe

Notiv transcribes of all your meetings (even in real-time!) so you can refer back to what was said without needing to pickup a pen ever again.

3. Summarize

Notiv's AI-driven technology creates actions and tasks automatically for all attendees with speaker ID. Notiv will always keep you on track.

More focus, smarter actions & tasks.

Loved by 5,000+ users around the world

Our users are the life blood of our organization, and some of our users even believe Notiv is part of theirs.
Companies should provide and train their employees to use Notiv and be more efficient with their time and focus on good communication.
Founder @ Motherhood App
Knowing that Notiv is busily recording and transcribing the full detail of all my meetings interviews, showcases and presentations, means I only need to type the most minimal of notes as bookmarks.
Service Designer and Product Manager
Your service is amazing. I've been wanting a solution like this to help me manage/auto-record and transcribe meetings for some time. I hope you guys do great, I really like it.
Jason Flick
VP @ Starburst Data