What Is An A.I. Assistant (And How Can They Help Your Business Grow)?

May 6, 2019

We hear this term all the time these days; but what is a virtual assistant? There are lots of A.I. assistant apps and services available to the keen professional, but not everyone understands what exactly that entails.

There are lots of A.I. assistant apps and services available to the keen professional, but not everyone understands what exactly that entails. We hear this term all the time these days; but what exactly is an A.I. assistant? An A.I. (artificial intelligence) assistant or intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) is software that has the ability to carry out tasks and services based on verbal prompts or commands.

Some common A.I. assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Siri can interpret human speech and respond by controlling home devices or answering questions. Whereas other A.I. assistants have the ability to manage other business-related tasks such as taking meeting notes or scheduling emails. With the rise of the internet, video conferencing, and online and remote collaboration, A.I. assistants are slowly replacing the need for virtual assistants. Ultimately, changing the way we delegate and understand the nature of work.

Here's how an A.I. assistant can help your business grow.

1. Save money

With an A.I. virtual assistant, you can selectively tell it what you want it to do, when you want something done and even dictate specific rules around how you want the task done. In this way, the virtual assistant works on an "as needed" basis, saving you time and money when you don't need it.

This also helps you specify where you want your assistant to focus on, which in marketing or sales can give you a better return on your investment from increased online sales, better client outcomes, higher customer service scores and improved results.

The best part of an A.I. assistant is that it doesn't clock off, unless you tell it to. This means you have an assistant to help your customers, collect data, send information or provide analysis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2. Save on training new staff

Each new staff that you take on will require a training period, that's why most companies have a probationary period. In fact, a study by Glassdoor states that in the United States, the average company spends approximately $4,000 to hire a new employee, with an additional 52 days to fill that position. Imagine if these costs were gone? This coupled with having to train new staff in menial tasks or company-specific admin rules aren't the best use of the individual you've hired. Especially since you can set your virtual assistant with those rules and have it running within the first day! The future of work is not to replace humans with technology, it's to empower humans to do better by removing the menial from the everyday.

3. Save time

After a conversation or a meeting, it's the follow-up that most people delegate to their virtual assistants. Whether that's to disseminate information from a client, follow-up on action items or ensure that the team has the data that they need. To ensure we don't miss anything that could risk affecting the outcomes of the project or task that they are working on, most professionals have a note-taking system. Whether that's their own private notes, recording a meeting or having someone dedicated to taking notes during the meeting.

Leveraging the A.I. assistant for you

The internet has changed the way we perceive almost everything in our lives. From the way we interact with technology to the way we interact through technology and with one another. While this may be a foreign concept now, the future of work lies in the A.I. assistant. This is because not only are these tools cost-efficient, objective and your single source of truth, they free up your current employees from menial tasks, empowering them to do bigger and better things. Are you going to leverage an A.I. assistant in your workflow?

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