About Us

We're on a mission to convert conversations into clever outcomes with AI.

The Notiv team is on a clever mission.
Thara Nair

Customer Success

Saxon Fletcher

Product Designer

Jaco Du Plessis

Machine Learning Engineer

Iain McCowan

Co-Founder / CTO

Chris Raethke

Founder / CEO

Our Story

Notiv was inspired by the idea that companies needed better value from their meetings.

Our team includes members with layered digital signal processing, speech-to-text, natural language processing, product design and customer success specialties. Together we are working to build a meeting solution that extracts insights effectively, improves conversations and makes it easier to inform others.

The rest of our story is still being written...

Our Values

Our values act as the operating system powering us. They represent the core of who we are, what we do, and how we define success and failure as we execute in pursuit of our mission and goals.

Supporting learning

We encourage each other to challenge with compassion and empathy, to learn from our mistakes, and to share openly with the team.

Be the impact you want to see

Together, everyone achieves more, and as individuals, we embrace our role in the collective. This means we lead by example, thinking beyond ourselves and our role, trusting each other to make decisions, doing what we say we’ll do, and amplifying and championing each other along the way.

Take small bites and chew well

By breaking things down into manageable pieces, we can learn, iterate, be adaptable to change, and capitalize on opportunities presented along the way. Being a startup, we’re curious, we think scrappy, we ensure we all have context, ask questions early, and above all, use good judgement.

Optimize for smiles

We recognize life is short, and if we’re not all smiling, what are we doing here? As a result, we make sure everything we do puts a smile on our customers, our team, and the community. Above all, our goal is to build a home of happy, humble, and healthy human beings.

Notiv is the meeting solution for professional services.

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