Meetings with Notiv delivery better client outcomes.

Meet Better

Meetings with Notiv deliver better client outcomes. When you are free to truly engage in your client conversations, you create meaningful moments that shape your outcomes. Retaining these moments that matter shows your client they're valued, avoiding issues that arise when crucial points are missed, forgotten or not acted upon. Notiv captures these for you, so you can be present with your client, creating magic.

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Improve client experience.

Securely capture your client moments and act on them quickly. Notiv enhances your conversation, be it via phone, computer or in-person.

For anywhere or any moment

Bring Notiv into both your online and in-person conversations by inviting it into your conference calls, calling someone directly, or using our mobile app. You’ll never miss an important moment again.

Rapid recall

Each and every meeting will be transcribed and analysed using industry leading transcription. Quickly find what you're looking for by searching through your meetings.

Bring Notiv into yout online and in-person meetings with the Notiv App.Audio, notes and a full transcript so you retain important information.

“Companies should provide and train their employees to use this and be more efficient with their time and focus on good communication.”

Millie, COO @ MotherhoodApp

A better notebook.

Collaborate with A.I. to summarize your meetings into the moments that matter.

The Notiv notepad

Use the notepad to create an agenda, take notes and list next steps. Notes are synced against the conversation for the extra context you need.


Notiv's A.I. augments your notes to add moments you may have missed. It's like having a personal assistant attend your meeting with you.

“Knowing that Notiv is busily recording and transcribing the full detail of all my meetings interviews, showcases and presentations, means I only need to type the most minimal of notes as bookmarks.”

Christian Vandersee, Service Designer and Product Manager

Works your way

Notiv seamlessly fits into your current workflow and schedule. Organize and share outcomes in minutes not hours.

On time, every time

Invite via email, connect your calendar or just hit record. Notiv is your most punctual attendee.

Automated hand-off

Attach the Notiv summary to your file notes. Align your team and clients by sharing specific notes and action items.

Notiv works to fit your process. Notiv works to fit your process. Notiv works to fit your workflow. Notiv works to fit your workflow.

Notiv is the meeting solution for professionals.

Capture crucial insights from your interviews and meetings with Notiv.

Consultants. Drive better outcomes from your client interviews and meetings by ensuring all crucial moments are gathered and actioned!

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Support all your customers effectively with Notiv.

Customer success. Support all your clients effectively by automatically capturing important client moments. Plus, it's cheaper than coffee.

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Empower your team to act quickly with Notiv.

Management. Get your meetings summarized into moments that your team can quickly act on. Take better meetings, get more done.

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Simple pricing. 

$29 user per month.

Unlimited meetings
Scales with your team
Dedicated account manager

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Notiv is the meeting solution for professional services.

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